StarUML Odoo Addon Generator

StarUML Odoo Addon Generator

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Presented at Odoo Experience 2022 Brussels

The solution is presented in Odoo Experience 2022 Brussels and got a very positive responses both from Odoo team and the audience as well.

Click recorded video streaming on Youtube

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Generate Full Installable Odoo Add-on From UML Diagram ?

Save hundred or thousand of Dollar for prototyping the proof of concept


This is simply AMAZING !

You can now create the complete and ready to install Odoo addon directly from UML diagram created on StarUML application.

StarUML is freely-evaluateable modeling software where you can generate Java, PHP, Python code directly from UML class diagram. Download it free from

We create a StarUML extension for generating Odoo Addon.

With this StarUML extension generator script, you can create:

  • Python class files with all fields and class methods

  • Standard XML views (form, tree)

  • Main application menu

  • Each object menus

  • Calendar view

  • Graph view

  • Kanban view

  • Pivot views

  • QWEB reports 

  • Status bar and workflow action buttons

  • Security access files

  • Security groups



Preview Presentation on Odoo Experience 2022 Brussels

Odoo Addon Generator from UML Diagram - Preview material for Odoo Experience 2022 Belgium

This solution will be presented on a prestige annual event, Odoo Experience in Brussels October 2022. 

StarUML Odoo Generator
Academic Addon Part1

Sample addon generated from UML diagram created with StarUML. Create basic models and relationship and generate and install the add-on.

Generate Odoo addon from UML diagram:

  • python code

  • relational fields: one2many many2one

  • xml files

  • form views

  • kanban views

  • calendar views

  • graph views

  • security access

  • menus


StarUML Odoo Generator
Academic Addon Part3

Sample addon generated from UML diagram created with StarUML. 

Create image binary field and automatically show it on kanban template.


Free Sample UML Diagram 

Download and Open this file from your local StarUML and Generate the Add-on to see how it works!

Odoo image and text block


Just draw and model your class with StarUML using standard UML modeling notation.

Generate the Addon

Then click the menu Tools - Odoo - Generate Code and you got the complete-ready-to-install Odoo Addon based on your diagram!


You can adjust the setting, addon name, dependencies from menu
Tools - Odoo - Configure

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Addon Generated!

You will find you add-on ready to be installed.

It is already equipped with Model Class Files, Form Views, Tree Views, Main Menu, Menu for each Classes, Kanban View, Calendar View, Graph View, Security Access, Manifest, and Init files

It will be easily installed on Odoo platform!

Show Your Addon!

Once installed you can see the application running on Odoo in seconds! You may adjust the everything generated because this is the standard Odoo add-on.

This is the fastest way to prototype your complex application for internal use or for rapid prototyping for you next big customers!

This will save hundred or thousand of dollars for hiring Odoo developer just for prototyping the application proof of concept.

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Simple Installation Steps

This extension for StarUML support to generate Odoo code from UML model. Install this extension from Extension Manager of StarUML.

Get this extension as a .zip file after you purchase one.

Extract the zip file on the extensions path.

  • for Mac OS: /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/StarUML/extensions/user

  • for Windows: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\StarUML\extensions\user

  • for Linux: ~/.config/StarUML/extensions/user

Check a folder in the extensions path and main.js file in the folder.

Restart StarUML.

Please check here for detailed instalation process of the extension:


Odoo Code Generation

How to generate the Odoo Addon

  1. Click the menu (Tools > Odoo > Generate Code...)

  2. Select a base model (or package) that will be generated to Odoo

  3. Select a folder where generated Odoo source files (.py, .xml, .csv) will be placed. This will be the addon folder name


Rules when diagramming the UML for Odoo Add-on

Below are the rules to convert from UML model elements to Odoo source codes.


  • Click Tools > Odoo > Configure to set your addon setting

  • Addon Name: is your addon folder name and act also as the namespace for your classes

  • Dependecies: type your addon dependencies as comma separated string values, for example: "hr", "account", etc.

  • Docstring: Yes or No to wether generate to documentation string on your class or not

  • Installation Path: your python installation path (optional)

  • Use Tab: whether you want to use Tab character instead of spaces on your python indentation

  • Indent Spaces: number of indent spaces on your python code.

Odoo object name

  • Odoo object name is the class field called _name on Odoo ORM

  • Odoo object name is automatically generated based on "addonName" (namespace) and "className", eg "my_addon.my_object"

  • you may force you Odoo object name different from your UML class name by creating an attributed called _name on the class and set the name on _defaultValue field, eg module.classname. This _name attribute is mandatory if you to inherit your Odoo object from another Object

Odoo inherit object

  • If the object is inherted from other Odoo object, create a attribute called _inherit

  • the parent object is set on defaultValue field, eg res.partner

Odoo fields

  • Every attribute on UML class is converted into Odoo object field

  • Set the Odoo field type on type field

  • Example Char will be converted to fields.Char(), Integer to fields.Integer()

Odoo help attributes

  • The Documentation field will be converted to help= attribute on Odoo field


  • converted to a python _Package_ (as a folder with ``).

UMLClass, UMLInterface

  • converted to a python Class definition as a separated module (`.py`).

  •  documentation property to docstring


  • converted to a python class inherited from _Enum_ as a separated module (`.py`).

  • literals converted to class variables

UMLAttribute, UMLAssociationEnd

  • converted to an instance variable with Odoo relation type: Many2one, One2many, or Many2many

  • name property to field name

  • documentation property to field help attribute

  • If `multiplicity` is one of `0..*`, `1..*`, `*`, then the variable will be initialized with:

    • `0..*` or `1..*` : fields.Many2one()

    • `1` : fields.One2many()

    • `*` : fields.Many2many()


  • converted to an instance method if `isStatic` property is true, or a class method (`@classmethod`) if `isStatic` property is false

  • `name` property to identifier

  • `documentation` property to docstring

  • _UMLParameter_ to method parameter

Understanding UML diagrams

A good resources to understand UML diagrams

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