Free EBook Odoo 8 Installation on Ubuntu Linux

Free EBook Odoo 8 Installation on Ubuntu Linux

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Odoo 8: Pengelolaan HR Payroll Disertai Addons Modifikasi Payslip

This ebook explain detailed steps requred to instal Odoo 8 on Ubuntu Linux System. Starting from PostgreSQL, creating database user, installing Python Modules required, downloading OpenERP latest source code, configuring the server, and finally setting it up for running as a background service.

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About the e-book

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About the Author

Akhmad D. Sembiring is 10 years-more IT practitioner, CEO of, book writer, and trainer
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1. Introduction

2. PostgreSQL Installation

3. Install the Python Modules

4. Download the Source Code

5. Extract the Source Code

6. Configure and Run the Server

7. Configure OpenERP to Run as a Service

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